Monthly archive - July 2013

Attracted but still Virtuous

I understand that many people who want to remain virtuous, still experience attraction. So this talk explores that a bit, takes a look at some examples, and has a few great takeaways for practical application. Read more

How to receive CONSTRUCTIVE criticism

IJMm-app-icon-logoDon’t let the title fool you. Normally, the fact that you are receiving something means that it is being given and under normal circumstances, we cannot alter what is being given because well, it’s being given. We typically just accept what we are given and then maybe change it later…after we have received. Rarely do we control the process by which we receive something. I am challenging that today and you are probably going to have a paradigm shift by the time you finish reading this. Read more

Featuring on Love Lounge on EbonyLife TV

EbonyLife FeatureHello All,First of all, I need to thank you all for your support and your stories and for sharing what you read and see here with others.That said, I wanted to humbly let you know about some great news! I am currently featuring on the brand new show “Love Lounge” on the brand new TV Network “EbonyLife TV” in Nigeria. Read more

Paintings, Instagram and Mirrors

Bill_Clinton_-_Presidential_portraitVisit a presidential library in the U.S and you will see the great history of presidential portraits that adorn the walls. They capture these great men in different emotions and poses but one thing is consistent. …they all look for the most part…presidential, and it’s not too much to assume that if the president of the greatest country in the world does not like the depiction, he can say…let’s do it over. Sound familiar? Read more